Transpersonal Energy System™ Guide | Mystical Shaman | Ancient Mystical Civilizations Theorist | Paranormal Researcher | Energy Alchemist | Author | Speaker | Animal Advocate


 Tracy was born and raised in a Metaphysical home where stories of paranormal phenomenon, clairvoyant experiences, and superhuman feats were the talk at the dinner table.


 Having come through a Near Death Experience following a terrible car accident in her teens she knew, for a fact, that we are all truly Spiritual BE-ings having a physical experience. So, she set out to try and understand what that meant in its fullest extent.

During a successful career of over 20 years in the Beauty Industry, which included owning several businesses including a Salon & Day Spa, Tracy pushed aside the gentle nudges coming from multiple sources indicating it was time to pack up her tools because it was time for a change... until The Universe stepped in with a not so gentle kick in the pants - Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in both hands! That’s when the next adventure began - sharing her other life's work - Metaphysics!


 Through the years Tracy participated in classes, courses, and retreats in Metaphysics, the Paranormal, New Age, and many more similar topics to gain as much knowledge as possible in these fields for personal awareness and to share with others.


 Tracy has certification in areas such as Paranormal Investigating/Researching, Astrology, Angel Guidance & Messages, Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy, Law of Attraction Facilitator, Shamanism, and much more! She also received a PhD. in Metaphysical Science after extensive training through IMHS Metaphysical Institute which also presented her with the title of Reverend.

Tracy is a Contributing Author in many books & journals including, "365 Days of Angel Prayers" and "365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul". Her first Solo Author book venture will be out soon, "Your Transpersonal Awakening: The Ancient Wisdom of Transformation"

Tracy can be found creating magic around her home in the mystical Pacific Northwest nestled among the trees! She loves spending time with Michael, her very patient & understanding husband, furry family members – both inside & out, and when she’s lucky her two grown sons.