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My Journey-My Journal



Titled My Journey My Journal, the bestseller challenges the reader to think and initiate a change not only in their personal life but in their professional life also. Most recent in the series of #1 best-selling books published by Winterton’s publishing company Expert Insights Publishing, the journal is dubbed a must read for all entrepreneurs-young and seasoned.


The best-selling, award-winning journal accumulates priceless advice and knowledge from YOUR NAME and the other CoAuthors who broke the barriers and used their creativity in order to find immense success in their personal lives and professions. Taking the readers to a sacred and personal space, each of the experts in this book offers advice that is extremely intimate and exclusive. Throughout the years, these people have used their own hardships and experiences as a receptacle for inspiration and empowerment.


My Journey My Journal urges readers to find power and inspiration within themselves. Only by experiencing their own unique journey, can one truly live a fulfilling life where no opportunity is missed. All advice in this cutting-edge, best-selling journal will ultimately help the readers in facing personal/professional challenges with courage and resilience. 

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